Hey There, I'm Jill, 
Also Know As The Education Lady.
I started out as a teacher, quite by accident, more than a decade ago. I quickly saw a need in the classroom for 1-on-1 instruction, so I started tutor kids. And then adults. 

Simply put, I help people learn while making the process funThat lead to a successful tutoring business and the desire to show others how to do the same. 

So now, when I'm not tutoring students, or writing fiction, I'm teaching people like teachers,
homeschool parents, retirees, and even college students, how to start a successful and
profitable tutoring business. 

And on the side, I homeschool kids (mine & others), create online classes, educational products, plus write articles to help people like you succeed.
Tell Me A Bit About You And How I Can Help You
As I serve both sides of the game, you could say (parents needing tutoring for their child AND I teach peep how to become Rockstar tutors who help a lot of people while making good money) I kind of need to know where to direct you on this little journey of ours. 

See, I'd like to serve you well and hate to send unwanted things your way as your time is precious, so pick the best of the three options above and let's get started together. 
None of these a good fit? No worries. Get on my Weekly Newsletter List - Good-bye Busywork - so I can get to know you better. 
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